Cromarty Notices and Events


Some important information from Highland Council about mental health and support here.


There is an online form on the Highland Council website. You will need the following

* date, time

* location

* photo

* receipts for any work to your car, tyre etc


Or phone 01349 886601 for an insurance claim form for damage to your car



Could this be you? Details here.


Finally, after months of negotiations, the plan for the campsite development has been approved by Highland Council. The site layout can be viewed here.


An update on Cromarty Rising's petition to Scottish Government regarding the Port Of Cromarty Firth and its relationship with local communities is available here.


Following the request for resident opinions and comments in the August Newsletter, the C&DCC has received emails and letters from 26 different residents. The results were as follows –

‘LOVE THEM’ – 11.54% (3)

‘HATE THEM’ – 80.77% (21)

‘ON THE FENCE’ – 7.69% (2)

Some of these responses were very emotive and at their meeting on Monday 31st August, the C&DCC unanimously decided the following –

“Members therefore agreed the C&DCC would support action or comment necessary to oppose rig noise around Cromarty.”

It was also decided to keep separate our actions relating to the Cromarty Firth Port Authority’s potential application to make the Cromarty Firth a Free Trade Zone or Port. The C&DCC involvement in this process will be led by Kari Webb and

“.. Members agreed KM can freely ask questions on behalf of the C&DCC to gather more details about the proposals and impacts on the local area.”


Cromarty Courthouse are appealing for new trustees. Further information here. The number to contact should read 600819


“Community Councils are voluntary organisations that express the views and concerns of local people within their area. These can be across a wide range of issues from new buildings and roads, to local services and facilities.”

There are currently several vacant posts on C&DCC.

Nominations are invited to anyone who would like to join the committee. This is an exciting opportunity for you to help shape the area in which you live.

Failure to have at least 4 nominations would lead to the disbanding of C&DCC.

Nomination forms and copies of the scheme for the establishment of community councils can be:

Downloaded from The Highland Council web site at: www.highland.gov.uk/elections Obtained by request, by email to: election@highland.gov.uk ; or from the Council`s Service Centre, phone: 01349 886606

Hiroshima/Nagasaki Commemoration Event

The Cromarty Peace Group are holding a commemoration event for the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings in Japan. Thursday 6th August at 4pm down by the Harbour. Bagpipe music, appropriate readings and an Act of Remembrance. Social distancing will be observed.

C&DCC July Meeting

Invitation for two members of the public to join the virtual meeting

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, all current C&DCC meetings are held virtually using the `Whereby` platform. 

The next ordinary meeting of C&DCC will take place on Monday 27th July 2020 at 7.30 and we currently have 2 vacant spaces for members of the public to attend. 

If you would like to join us, please e/mail you request to: cromartydistrictcc@gmail.com

This will be on a first come first serve basis. We will then advise you of log in details and meeting protocol.

Diane Brawn, C&DCC Secretary


10th May

The Cromarty & District Community Council helps families 'Stay at Home'.

With the help from the Covid-19 Resilience Funds of both the Black Isle Ward Discretionary Fund and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, we have been able to help families 'Stay at Home' by providing free delivery of shopping from the Stores.

As a result, 400 less visits have been made to the Stores, helping to protect both staff and Cromarty residents.

It is hoped that more funding will soon be secured to continue this project that is helping to save lives. In the meantime, many thanks to both SSEN and the BI Ward, for helping Cromarty and its residents fight this crisis.


5th May

Some Notes from Cromarty Foodbank:-

During the lockdown, the process will change slightly.  Instead of vouchers, we will be using telephone referrals.  If you are in crisis and need a food parcel, email cromartyfoodbank@gmail.com or text 07850 889014.  We will email or text you back and organise everything necessary for a telephone referral.  Once complete, we will be able to issue a food parcel. 

Food parcels will consist of three days of emergency food and will include recipes. Highland Foodbank tries to cater for food allergies, vegetarian and vegan diets but please give advance notice as Cromarty Foodbank is small and will need to request specific parcels. 

Food parcels can be delivered if you are self-isolating or do not have a car If you are in crisis and need a food parcel, please contact us on 
cromartyfoodbank@gmail.com or 07850 889014


29th April

There have been over 1000 newspaper deliveries in the past 4 weeks. This means that the footfall/visits to the store was 1000 less !!! A positive result and great achievement.

The C&DC would like to thank all the volunteers/organisers and newspaper delivery team for their stalwart service in making this happen.

11th April

The community council has compiled a document containing a lot of relevant information on the current situation, including advice, contact information and frequently asked questions - you can view it by clicking here


6th April

Financial difficulties? Suffering from loss of income due to Covid-19?

The Karen Napier Charitable Trust has donated funds to support Cromarty residents who have lost income during Covid-19. The Cromarty Care Project are overseeing distribution of these funds.

Who can apply?

Residents of the Cromarty Community Council area.

What support is available?

A financial support voucher which can be used in Cromarty Stores for essentials such as food, cleaning materials and baby essentials including nappies etc. This voucher cannot be used for alcohol, tobacco, pet food or lottery

How to apply Email for an application form info@cromartycareproject.co.uk or phone Dr Helen Charley 07889181529 between 11am - 2pm . One application per household

This project is in its infancy. At present we don’t know how often this voucher will be paid. Please be patient whilst we work out this; but get your application in quickly so we can work out the level of need.

1st April

Due to the current situation Highland Ferries have advised that they have taken the difficult decision that the Cromarty-Nigg Ferry will not operate this summer.


30th March

Please - if shopping in Cromarty Stores - stick to the Government Guidelines -

  • Shop only for necessities
  • Shop infrequently - NOT daily!
  • Prepare a shopping list and DO NOT LOITER in the shop, leave quickly to make space for others
  • Maintain a 2-metre distance

If we don't all do our bit and follow the guidance, it may lead to the shop closing.


27th March

Please stay at Home!

It's tempting to think that in our little corner of the world we are isolated enough and the rules don't apply BUT there are enough cases in Scotland now, that it is likely there will be some in our area so please take this seriously.

You should only leave the house for limited purposes:

  • shopping for basic necessities, for example food and medicine, which must be as infrequent as possible.
  • one form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle - alone or with members of your household.

  • any medical need, including to donate blood, avoid or escape risk of injury or harm, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person.

  • travelling for work purposes, but only where you cannot work from home.

These reasons are exceptions - even when doing these activities, you should be minimising time spent outside of the home and ensuring you are 2 metres apart from anyone outside of your household - taken from Govt Guidelines. (It was nice to see three people talking in Bank Street yesterday - standing in a triangle and clearly keeping their distance from each other).

So please every time you leave the house think does my leaving the house fall into any of the above exceptions, if not stay at home.

26th March

Cromarty Stores have decided to help with staffing rotas in this difficult time they are going to close on Sundays.

24th March

OK no laughing at the back, I know this may not seem like top of your agenda right now, but please take notice otherwise the whole town will start to pong! The dog Poo bins are NOT being emptied right now, the rota for that unpleasant job has been suspended. Please take your dog waste home in double dog waste bags and dispose of in your green bins.

23rd March

An Update from NHS Highland about visitors staying away if possible has been given - it is to be found here...




Cromarty CC Update for 19th March

Highlife Highland today confirmed that it is shutting all libraries, leisure centres, museums and swimming pools (we should be so lucky!). For more information see www.highlifehighland.com. If you have a library card you and are not already using it we can highly recommend registering online for the tablet/smartphone app which gives you access free to a wide range of magazines, audiobooks etc. online.

The Cromarty Stores are still on for starting to do deliveries from tomorrow,  info@cromartystores.co.uk or 01381 600550 between 10am-1pm as of today they can take card payments over the phone. Marcel has been training two new members of staff and has been working hard to get stock in, so expect some shortages in the obvious areas but don’t panic!


Cromarty CC Update for 18th March

The Cromarty Stores are starting to do deliveries from this Friday. The process is that you email your order (info@cromartystores.co.uk) in or phone (01381 600550) them on Monday-Friday between 10am-1pm.

The store will get your order ready and Cromarty Care Project (CCP) volunteers will deliver it (on the same day if it all goes well). At the moment Cromarty Stores have the same problems as all other shops, that is keeping up our stock levels. Increased demand has got the supply chains running overtime to catch up. Marcel hopes that will be sometime next week. Until then there will probably be some shortages but they will do their best. 

As far as deliveries in outlying areas is concerned, CCP hope to be able deliver to an area as far as Jemimaville, Davidston, Navity and Cromarty Mains to start with.

The CCP has had around 50 volunteers – so a massive thanks to all of you for being so big hearted.


Cromarty CC Update 17th March 2020

Cromarty Stores is finalising arrangements for a grocery delivery service in conjunction with the Cromarty Care Project. They will be looking for volunteers to help with the delivery – please wait for further details before volunteering. Sutor Creek Café and The Royal are both starting delivery services – currently we understand only in the town itself.

As far as general volunteers are concerned. We were going to start immediately gathering names, skills etc. but today we received an email from Highland Council asking us to hold off for their guidelines – we will give them a couple of days – if they haven’t sorted it by then we will go ahead on our own.

We will try and provide an update daily both on Cromarty Live and Facebook. There is a lot going on at the moment - and we will do our utmost over the coming period to make sure everyone in our community is supported.



Dear friends and neighbours - The Community Council is currently working on a plan with various groups in Cromarty to help and protect the most vulnerable residents. Hopefully in the next couple of days we will have more information. 

This is obviously an unprecedented situation. If you have any suggestions on what would be helpful please contact us at Cromartydistrictcc@gmail.com

We will be looking for volunteers shortly and we will post separately on that.

We are all currently very busy getting organised so if you don’t hear back immediately, please don’t feel we are ignoring your comments.



We regret to announce that, owing to the current coronavirus pandemic, the weekly Tuesday Talks at Hugh Miller's have been suspended with immediate effect. We fully intend to reinstate our Tuesday Talks when it is deemed safe to do so. Please watch this space for further updates - thank you, and our best wishes to you all.



We are pleased to announce our  Vision Statement here .  The Moray Firth Partnership has the vision of the Moray Firth being the most sustainable marine region in Scotland by 2025.  Not a small task by any means, but we are confident that by understanding current projects and existing organisations, we will be able to identify any gaps and, working in partnership and collaboratively, develop some new and innovative solutions.   We have developed a Sustainability Model that identifies three strategic areas where we will focus our work in the context  of coastal and marine challenges and the long-term sustainability of the Moray Firth.   Our Coastal Environment : Our People and Places : Our Sea
The first part of this is to ensure that we have our Vision right and I am encouraging all stakeholders in the Moray Firth to take a look at our Vision Statement.  We are welcoming  your views and comments by 27th March 2020. We would be grateful if you could complete the questionnaire found  here, for your area of interest. Once we have collated responses we will work with stakeholders to develop our Management Programme, detailing more specific tasks that we will undertake to achieve our Vision.

If you wish to send in a more detailed response, please feel free to send me an email, or alternatively give me a call on the  number below.

Best wishes
Sarah Hartley | Interim Partnership Manager | Moray Firth Partnership
01463 251727 | www.morayfirth-partnership.org 


A9 JUNCTION WITH THE B9161 Posted 28.2.2020

The Community Council received a letter from Kate Forbes MSP, inviting participation in a consultation about road safety improvements at the B9161/A9 Munlochy Junction.

A short survey can be completed by anyone who regularly uses this road. The responses to this survey are anonymous and will be fed into the summit meeting at the end of March.

Paper copies of the survey are available from the constituency office. If you would like to fill in a paper copy, please feel free to drop into the office to collect one (12 High Street, Dingwall, IV15 9RU), or phone 01349 863 888.



Following our last recruitment advert for new members for C&DCC, we are pleased to announce that we had one successful applicant. This now leaves us with only two vacant positions.

Please consider applying for co-option onto YOUR CC.

The more members be have, the more effective YOUR CC will be. If you are interested, please e mail us: cromartydistriccc@gmail.com

For more information please contact any of the current CC members, details may be found on the CL website. Applications to be in by 15th March



The Cromarty and District Community Council have been notified about the following planning application Construction of new East Quay including dredging and piling, and the formation of laydown area for handling and temporary storage of North Sea Oil related and renewable energy componentsLand 230M West Of Nigg Ferry Hotel Nigg
Ref. No: 19/02777/FUL | Received: Wed 19 Jun 2019 | Validated: Thu 20 Jun 2019 | Status: Under Consideration

Residents can log onto the Highland Council website for further information and are also able to comment on the above application.


A meeting has been called by Cllr Craig Fraser for members of the community to meet with members from Stagecoach to discuss issues relating to the bus service from Cromarty-Inverness. Thurs 25th July 7-8.30pm in the Hugh Miller Institute. Agenda here


You are invited to view the proposals to manage traffic flows differently in the town here. Comments and feedback forms are available in the Post Office, or opinions can be e-mailed directly to the Community Council. 


A public exhibition on proposed changes to the Longman Roundabout junction is being held. Further information can be found here


The Port of Cromarty Firth are advertising an opportunity for a business to take advantage of the cruise passenger trade. Further details here: documents/eoi-retail-outlet-2019_final-1.pdf




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